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PM Group

Founded in 1995, Oil & Steel S.p.A. is a dynamic company specialising in the manufacture of aerial platforms, which managed to earn the complete confidence of the Italian and European markets, in  matter of years, gaining significant market shares (40% of the Italian market and 15% of the European market). The Oil & Steel product range consists of 5 lines and over 30 models, which can be mounted on trucks ranging upwards of 3.5 tonnes.  The company headquarters are located in San Cesario S / P, in the province  of Modena.


Established in 1959, PM Group S.p.A. is the leading Italian manufacturer of truck-mount hydraulic cranes Building a strong tradition of technology and innovation has allowed PM to establish sound professional relations and win over ever-larger market shares in Italy and abroad. At present,  the PM product range includes over 50 series, with over 350 set-ups available.

From the design to the structural building, from the material quality control to the final inspection, everything is done in the PM works.

Manitex Valla is the world leader in mobile industrial cranes, an industry that has always worked with complex innovation technology.

In the early 1960's Manitex Valla recognised the need for a new type of crane for handling materials that would find its place between the fork lift and mobile cranes. It was here that the first mobile industrial crane made its debut. Next, Manitex Valla designed the first self-propelled industrial battery crane. 

Manitex Valla has developed over the decades a full range of mobile cranes from 2 to 90 tons., Electric, Diesel, Hybrid, wheeled or tracked, fixed or swing boom, with dozens of special applications designed specifically to meet the needs of customers.
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